What’s Up Fishy Cat? Kenya Peaberry!



March 28, 2013 marked our fifth year as a regular vendor at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market. Dominic and I can’t help but recall the nervous anticipation of our first customer as we confidently set up or booth as if we were old pros.

Then he walked up. An older gentleman who introduced himself as Jack who was gracious and charming. After a brief chat, Jack settled on the Sumatra decaf called Afternoon Delight. I could not and still can’t believe that our very first sale was a decaf. That settled our previous thoughts on whether people still drank decaf and whether we needed to have it in our repertoire.

The day flew by and so did the coffee off the table. The next morning in a hazy market hangover, we turned to each and said, “Wow, all those people are drinking our coffee this morning.” So if we thought that first Saturday was nerve racking, try showing up the next week not knowing if you are going to be loved or hated.

Luckily for the most part we were loved, or at least liked, and the faces became familiar and then these faces became friends and then they became ‘family’. They followed us from week to week in our ever changing locations, shared in celebrating the birth of our son, watched us juggle a newborn while opening our store front in the Highlands and understanding and supporting us when it was time to pull on the reigns and slow things down. We can’t express our gratitude enough for believing in the ‘little roaster that could’.


There is a new bean in town and it’s name is Peaberry from the Tatu Ruiru region of Kenya, Africa. Peaberry beans are a natural defect of the cherry or berry of a coffee tree. In the case of most coffee varieties, the bean or seed (technically) of the plant is harvested from the cherry in two pieces which we refer to as coffee beans.

KenyaPeaberryIn the peaberry, we find only one small, dense, round bean that is curled up tight. Without the restriction of the the “twin” bean, the peaberry uses it’s reserved energy to extract all the properties from the cherry and plant, giving it a more concentrated flavour. Kenyan peaberries are among the World’s most sought after varieties.

Click to view our new Kenya Peaberry now!



In conjunction with our 5th Anniversary at the OSFM we have a gift with purchase of our I (HEART) CATFISH COFFEE ROASTERS cotton unusable tote bag. If you haven’t received one yet, please make sure to ask us for one. (While quantities last)





Some of you may have noticed my absence from my regular appearances at OSFM. Well I am at home resting from surgery that took place in late April. that is followed by an extensive recovery time. I am convalescing well and looking forward to seeing you all again soon. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the kind wishes and support that I have received, and especially a HUGE thank you to Dominic who stepped into my roasting shoes and to Wendy for holding things together at the booth and beyond!

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